Morning Routines: Jamie and Lucy - Banton Frameworks

Morning Routines: Jamie and Lucy - Banton Frameworks

I've been speaking to friends, industry experts, adventurers, pioneers and influencers about how their morning sets them up for the day ahead. This week, I caught up with Jamie and Lucy from Banton Frameworks.

Using precision processes combined with traditional craftsmanship, Jamie Bartlett and Lucy Ross design and manufacture a range of beautifully made eyewear from their studio on the shores of Loch Banton. With an on-site lens lab, the pair keep the majority of processes in-house which makes manufacturing their eyewear sustainable and provides their customers with the best quality glasses the best possible price. Varying degrees of personalisation are available with each frame and only the best quality materials are used - from fine Italian acetates to aviation grade aluminium. Oh yeah, they also run a pretty cool blog on their site too.

I'd been interacting with Jamie and Lucy through Twitter and Instagram for a while and a few weeks ago, I finally had the pleasure of meeting them both at McNair's Made Beautifully Here market. Having seen their frames up close and understanding the work that goes into them, I'm pretty sure I know where my first pair of glasses will be coming from.

Jamie outlines how the pair start their day:

"07:30 - It’s Lucy’s job to set the morning alarm, this way if we are late… it’s all on her.

08:00 - We both get up and negotiate the morning hurdles like showering, brushing teeth and getting dressed. We are both extremely set in our routine, our most parallel trait, therefore everything happens in the exactly the same order. Left shoe on first, then the right. Admittedly, it’s actually pretty worrying how rigid we are when it comes to structure.  We often have to change clothes about three or four times a day, especially if we are in & out of the workshop, then a meeting, back to the workshop. It can get a bit frustrating, but for now, it’s still just Lucy and I who are in the workshop or at the end of the phone.

08:25 - Penance for not being in charge of the alarm clock is organising my all-time favourite meal; first breakfast. Living up to Scottish stereotypes, we both eat our quintessential porridge, anally weighed out via a pre determined cup. I can’t not mention our favourite earthenware bowls handmade by Glasgow based potter Jono Smart. Texturally, they feel great to hold and elevate any colourful fruit added to the bowl.

08:30- Stirring porridge with one hand, I usually hash out the day’s Instagram and Twitter posts on my phone whilst waiting for our coffee machine to pressurize. We have this Italian ‘La Pavoni’ machine and without sounding too smug, it’s mechanically glorious. None of this pressing buttons shite, you have to manually ‘pull’ your shot using a pneumatic arm. It’s all touch; too fast and it’s weak. Too slow and you scald the grind. It’s got a pressure gauge and everything, reminiscent of an old Vespa. If you can’t tell, I’m very fond.

During coffee making, Lucy scours through our emails, customer orders and feeds our cat Morris. We both love to write lists, even more so with our Ajoto pens. We tried the whole ‘digital calendar’ thing but we just end up gravitating back to our notebooks. I think we look at digital screens enough as it is. This way we can manually map out the day to come and sketch any ideas or thoughts.

08:50 - After breakfast we prep second breakfast together and further meals. We like to eat, therefore generally standardise our meals in the form of stacks of Tupperware. Literally meals 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 are panned out depending on our work, meetings and exercise later that day. As rigid as this sounds, it not only keeps us fed, but long term it means we can focus more on our work through the day without having to worry about when, where and how we eat. Food is life.

09:15 - From there, we’re usually out the door and head to the workshop to continue with the current batch of our frames or head to the first meeting of the day. "

Thanks for sharing your morning routine, guys!


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