Morning Routines: The Grey NATO's Jason Heaton

I've been speaking to friends, industry experts, adventurers, pioneers and influencers about how their morning sets them up for the day ahead. This week, I caught up with one half of my favourite podcast: The Grey NATO's Jason Heaton.

Jason is a freelance writer covering adventure travel and watches but his latest venture, The Grey NATO is how I first got to know him. The Podcast is a loose discussion of watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Co-hosted with fellow watch enthusiast, James Stacey, the show breaks down the duo's love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Its informative, relevant and entertaining and its probably the most original podcast out there right now. Even if you're not a total watch nerd, theres a healthy dose of mountain adventure and underwater action in every episode that should inspire you to get out and do more. The show always closes with "Final Notes", a curated round up of interesting finds that even featured The All Night Listening Post a few weeks ago! If you're a fan of what I'm doing on here then you're guaranteed to be hooked by The Grey NATO. When he's not adventuring or working on the podcast Jason also writes for Gear Patrol, Hodinkee and his own site Swimpruf. 

Here's how Jason starts his day:

"Mornings are sacred for me and always involve coffee. But in terms of a routine, it varies depending on where I am. At home, it’s a pour-over cup with a splash of cream while the world wakes up. I prefer to be alone and quiet when I first get up. Where I live, half the year it’s still dark and before I raise the blinds, I switch on the radio to catch up on the news. Then it’s a quick scan of e-mails and social media. I miss the newspaper and keep telling myself I should subscribe to the Times again. There’s nothing quite like the tactile rustling of pages with a hot cup in hand. But often I’m not at home and I hate the thought of papers piling up, unread in my absence.

On the road, in hotels, I usually start my day with a quick set of pushups before a shower. In European cities I visit, jetlag often has me awake in the wee hours and I’ve often set out to explore the empty streets of Geneva, Basel or Dresden in the cold. I love encountering the people who occupy this time between night and day—the newspaper deliverymen, the street cleaners, the police. In more rustic surroundings—a campsite, cottage, or cabana— exercise gets abandoned for the bare essentials of getting caffeine in my system. And food. Nothing special—oatmeal or a bowl of yogurt with muesli, some fruit. Some of my favorite mornings have been spent squatting outside a tent getting a Primus stove lit to make my brew, as I watch my breath in the cold air.

I’m an ardent believer that most great adventures start before the sun comes up, whether that’s filling tanks for a dive, setting off for an alpine start to summit a peak, or just getting on the highway for a road trip. Mornings are full of possibilities, fresh starts, and an entire day ahead. And coffee. Always coffee."


Thanks for sharing your Morning Routine, Jason!

Connect With Jason & The Grey NATO

> Twitter: @jasonheaton / @thegreynato
> Instagram: @jasonheaton / @thegreynato
> Website: Swimpruf
> Podcast: Itunes / Soundcloud 

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