Morning Routines: Mamnick's Thomas Barnett

Morning Routines: Mamnick's Thomas Barnett

I've been speaking to friends, industry experts, adventurers, pioneers and influencers about how their morning sets them up for the day ahead. This week, I caught up with founder of Mamnick, Thom Barnett.

Thom's goal for Mamnick is to do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible. And thats exactly what he does. With humble beginnings and a rapidly developing following, Thom has taken the Sheffield-based brand from strength to strength with a growing menswear and accessories line inspired by his roots in the Steel City and the surrounding Peak District. I've always been impressed by Thom's insistence on using local makers and factories to produce his products; his second-to-none attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process is what first turned me on to Mamnick a few years ago. With a proven track record in delivering beautiful, well-made products and his first flagship shop now open in Tokyo, it's Thom's personal touches and his commitment to longevity that make Mamnick a brand apart. 

Here's how Thom starts his day:

"I usually set my alarm for around 7am in the summer, but now the nights have drawn in it’s 6am, so I can see as much daylight as possible, mainly due to the bike. I might have a black coffee, glass of water or milk and do a brisk ride of about 20-30 miles (depends on how I’m feeling). I sometimes stop for breakfast in Hathersage or Tideswell, other times I ride straight round and eat when I get home after a shower. I may stop an take the odd photo during the ride too if I see something worth stopping for. When it gets colder, it becomes most of a rarity as taking off your gloves and getting your phone out if a bit of a faff. 

I usually start ‘work’ by checking my emails. I run my working life via my diary so I cast a eye over that every morning to check my to-do list and see what is achievable. Once that’s done, there is usually a moment where I make music for an hour, sometimes in my living room or in my studio, which is also where I do the day's postage. I get side-tracked in the studio making music a lot (or sometimes playing drums). 

If a factory needs visiting or fabric/raw materials needs collecting then I gear up to do that in the afternoon. This is my usual routine if the weather permits it. If it’s rain the afternoon then I’ll do a ride in the morning, or if it’s rain in the monring I might skip the ride and focus on getting my jobs done to ride in the afternoon. Most of my ‘creative time’ is during the evening.

It’s really all about the bike for me and the weather tends to dictate my riding/routine."


Thanks for sharing your morning routine, Thom.


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Photograph by India Hobson

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