Morning Routines - Trakke's Alec Farmer

Morning Routines - Trakke's Alec Farmer

Good news - Morning routines proved so popular that it's back for a second season! Over the last year I've been speaking to industry experts, adventurers, pioneers and influencers about how their morning sets them up for the day ahead. For the first post of the new season, I reached out to one of the nicest and most genuine guys I've had the pleasure to meet - Alec from Trakke.

I first properly met Alex at the Good Life Experience this year but I've been coveting his incredible bags since I first saw one on Instagram a while ago (especially this one). He's a fellow adventurer, wild camper, Radio 4 listener and the founder of Trakke bags. And, if the Good Life Experience was anything to go by, he's a fellow gin-fuelled 2am campsite party enthusiast too. 

When I asked Alec how he got started with Trakke, he told me it was by taking bits of fabric out of skips - he's pretty down to earth about it all. He's managed to turn his skip scavenging into one of the most original and exiting brands on the market by making well-made and handsome products for the everyday adventurer. He doesn't find his material on the street these days though - Trakke bags are durable, versatile and timeless and their understated designs use materials and components that are time-tested and reliable. Alec's bags blur the line between “kit” and “companion”.


Here's how Alec starts his morning:

“I’m not a morning person. I don’t understand morning people. To my mind, all the numbers before 10am on the clock-face should be replaced with Z’s.

But unfortunately, bags don’t make themselves, so I’ll stop complaining and tell you how I start my day. 

The alarm goes off at 7am. Well - the first alarm. I have about thirty alarms in total. I choose the worst possible ringtone, and set it to go off every five minutes. It’s a rude awakening, but I don’t trust the snooze button, and if the alarm sound is remotely soothing I just sleep through it. Once I’m awake though, my wake-to-screen time is non-existent. I’ll check the news, look at my calendar for the day and try and post something up on Instagram if the mood takes me. I normally manage to climb out from under the covers by 8am, and head to the kitchen to stick the kettle on. No prizes for guessing what my tipple is at that time in the morning - I hit the caffeine hard. Nothing makes sweeter nectar than the Aeropress, and I love the whole process involved. Grinding the beans (in an eminently beautiful Feldgrind from MadeByKnock), inverting the Aeropress and watching the bloom from the coffee as the water works its magic. I kind of envy Alan Adler. Anyone who’s life work involves designing the worlds best frisbee and the worlds best coffee machine is a design legend in my book. 

Anyway, I digress. Now I’m one coffee down, and I jump into the shower and wash the sleep from my eyes. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but a good breakfast takes time - hours - so I don’t normally eat breakfast in the week. It’s a luxury reserved for the weekend. By 8.45am, I’m heading out of the door, and making a beeline for the car. Sometimes I cycle, but nowadays I need my Landy at work to ferry materials around or to meet clients. It’s an easy drive to the workshop, and I’m a Radio 4 man, so I always catch the dregs of the Today program before I arrive.

By 9am, we’re open for business and the coffee machine is up and running for the day. Dear Green Coffee fuels the workshop team, and we’ll chat about what’s new before the sewing machines start purring and phones start ringing. If we’re lucky, one of our customers has sent in photos of one of their adventures, we get inspired, and that sets up the day beautifully.”

Thanks for sharing your your morning routine, Alec.


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