Morning Routines: Craig Robertson - Filmore Skincare

If you hadn't already noticed, Morning Routines is back. I've been speaking to friends, industry experts, adventurers, pioneers and influencers about how their morning sets them up for the day ahead. For the second post of the season, I caught up with the man behind one of my favourite new brands: Craig Robertson, founder and owner of Filmore Skincare.

Like most of the good people I've gotten to know through this blog, I first found Craig and Filmore on social media, sharing interesting links on Twitter and cool content on Instagram.  Craig founded Filmore Skincare on the simple idea that skincare should be 'a routine not a regime' - a concept that I wholeheartedly agree with. From his base in Glasgow, he's strived to hand craft a simple to use, stylish and effective range of natural products that fit seamlessly into his customer's daily lives. Craig teamed all that up with Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist design to create one of the most exciting and innovative mens skincare brands on the market today.

Here's how Craig gets set for the day ahead:

"My mornings start the same glorious way every day, with a 6am wake up call coming from the room across the hall in the form of my two-year old daughter having a morning sing-song. 

I wouldn’t suggest our mornings are too peaceful and laid-back, we’re very lucky that both sets of our parents look after our daughter Monday to Thursday so it’s usually a well-honed routine to get everyone up and ready. Either my wife or I will shower and dress while the other dresses the little one, we’ll then swap and the other will get breakfast prepped. While my wife heads off to work I drop Neve off in the car and head straight back home to get the day started.

This is when things are a little more relaxed and I can ease into the day! First thing I do is switch on Monocle 24 radio. (For which I was interviewed recently and aired on Friday October 14th). I’ve been slightly obsessed with Monocle as a brand for many years now and I love the mix that the radio station offers all day. While that is playing step two is always coffee. I adore my Nespresso machine so I get that on to heat before I leave the house. I’ve recently started trying to replace cow's milk with a dairy-free alternative in coffee and have fallen deeply for Oatly’s oat milk. The flavour mixed with the coffee is a beautiful thing. Breakfast is either a continuation on the oats theme, made with almond milk and topped with desiccated coconut, blueberries, granola and honey. Or if I'm particularly hungry I'll cook up a couple of eggs on some wholemeal toast. 

Once the coffee and breakfast is ready I finally sit down at the computer, along with a pint of water, by which time it’s around 8am. I spend roughly half an hour checking emails and Filmore’s social pages, glancing at the headlines on The Guardian and any new videos to those I’m subscribed to on YouTube. (Absolutely love everything Casey Neistat produces.)

The only alternative to the above is if I’m feeling generous and not quite ready to get my day started, so I’ll offer to drop my wife Sara off at her work in the city after we take the little one. If this is happening it’s a great to excuse to swing by our favourite coffee spot in Glasgow, Gizzi’s Espresso Bar in the Southside. Their coffee is perfect every time and spot-on for the car journey. 

I manage my personal and work life using Wunderlist. I can’t recommend it enough, multiple lists divided into sections and so easy to use across multiple devices. Couldn’t live without it. So first task is checking my ‘To-Do’ list for that day, making sure I know what the schedule is, what orders need packed, any meetings I have that day and any travel that needs booked. From then on who knows, I could be at the desk all day taking any meetings through Skype, in Glasgow for meetings, travelling (generally to London) or heading to our stockroom to pick and pack orders. 

We are about to move house to a small village in ‘the sticks’ in the West of Scotland, which is going to be a big change but a very exciting one. The house has a studio in the garden where I’ll be based, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the morning routine will change after the move!"

Thanks for sharing your Morning Routine, Craig!

Connect with Craig & Filmore:

> Twitter: @craig_rob / @filmoreskincare
> Instagram: @craigrobertson85 / @filmoreskincare
> Facebook: Filmore Skincare
> Web: Filmore Skincare

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