In Pictures: Made Beautifully Here

McNair manufacture the world's best mountain shirts, right here in Yorkshire. Every part of the manufacturing process takes place within 10 miles of their Huddersfield HQ. With their unparalleled dedication to craft and a reputation for attention to detail, they've made good friends with a cadre of similar businesses and makers. Last weekend, they opened their factory doors and invited these friends and the general public to the Made Beautifully Here market. A celebration of well made and honest goods. 

The event provided an opportunity to meet up with like minded people and the brands I've been building relationships with on social media for the past year. Having caught up with the guys from McNairBanton FrameworksTrakke and Ajoto, the day proved to be a catalyst for some interesting collaborations coming up in the new year.

Thanks to Natalie and Charles from NcNair for the invite. For more information on the next Made Beautifully Here event, visit the Facebook page or Twitter.

Introducing: Adventurous Ink

I'll be the first to admit that I don't get outside as much as I'd like to. Just like everyone else, work pressures and short days are the standard excuse at this time of year.  We're all guilty of it. In order to remedy this malaise and inspire others to get out and do more, My good friend Tim from Gather Outdoors has taken to Kickstarter to launch Adventurous Ink, a uniquely social print subscription service.

Once you've signed up to the bi-monthly subscription, you'll recieve one printed product every month; this could be a magazine, book or art print (even the odd t-shirt if you're lucky!). Individual items will have a value of between £10 and £20, with an average combined value of £30 over two months. This will be the subscription fee, £30, paid every other month. To add to the uniquely social aspect of the service, everyone receives the same surprise printed product. It's because of this that Tim will be imposing a social media embargo until everyone has received their package. Once the embargo lifts, Gather will bring the community together to share their insights and inspiration. Oh, and there are no contracts, you can leave at any time.  

Unlike the usual subscription services, Adventurous Ink isn't just a clever way of generating extra income for the brand. It's a key contributor to the Gather Outdoors mission. The monthly subscription gives you access to an ever-growing community of inspired adventurers and helps support folk working with the grain of nature, not against it.

Tim has worked tirelessly to bring together a cadre of fiercely independent publishers and absurdly adventurous authors. The print line up has been chosen to entertain, inform and astonish, and deliver a mix of adventure writing, useful guides and engaging outdoor philosophy. Gather's relationship with publishers means they plan to bring their subscribers some select publications before general release.

If you're looking for some inky outdoors inspiration to feed your wanderlust, then had over to the Adventurous Ink Kickstarter and make a pledge to subscribe. You won't be disappointed. 

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