Things Have Changed

There's been a distinct lack of anything new here for a while. Maybe because we've recently launched our own business. And maybe because our view on things has changed.

Talking Shop: McNair Shirts

Tucked away on one of the upper floors of an old textile mill in the West Yorkshire town of Slaithwaite, is a small team of skilled craftspeople dedicated to manufacturing the world's best mountain shirt. 

In Pictures: Made Beautifully Here

McNair manufacture the world's best mountain shirts, right here in Yorkshire. Every part of the manufacturing process takes place within 10 miles of their Huddersfield HQ. With their unparalleled dedication to craft and a reputation for attention to detail, they've made good friends with a cadre of similar businesses and makers. Last weekend, they opened their factory doors and invited these friends and the general public to the Made Beautifully Here market. A celebration of well made and honest goods.